Giant HACKER WEDDING for EVIL Daniel - He Instantly Regrets it

Rebecca has to stop Evil Daniel from getting married after Rebecca Zamolo uploaded "If You LIE You Have To REMOVE A LAYER OF CLOTHING - Lie Detector Test to reveal Truth." Next Matt and Rebecca uploaded "Is evil Daniel getting married in Minecraft?" Finally the Game Master Network made "Is Daniel Evil? Lie Detector Test to Find Truth." Now we need to pretend we are sneaking in like normal hackers and stop the wedding. Maddie's ex boyfriends are going to be there and maybe her crush. Rebecca receives a message from the game master that gives her secret information to stop the wedding of Evil Daniel. Matt is the first to get trapped. Rebecca and Maddie go to the wedding but mysteriously Matt's best friend is missing. Do you think we can trust Rick Noah? There is a flashmob just like at our wedding ceremony and a first dance. Can Rebecca Zamolo and her squad stop this wedding or will everyone get trapped for 24 hours? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2021!

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  • Hi rebecca do u wanna play together in Roblox

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  • Code is 3523

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  • rebecca rick noah is sus

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  • Is this dhar man

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  • That’s mr x

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  • The Code is 3523

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  • I dot tes Roanoke bet he is a robot OMG I wesh Roannoke wes neve rel I dot lak Roannoek

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  • I love you Ro

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  • For 1 i do NOT trust Rick Noah!

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  • Yes

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  • It's Mr.x

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  • I think RHS was Carrying the fountain of youth it looked so familiar

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  • That one with the gold Mask sounds like a Mr. X

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  • Don't trust rick noah

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  • Don't trust rick noah

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  • The game master said don't trust anyone in the gmn rick noah can't be trusted rick noah did an eye reveal 👀

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  • When Rebecca said run and the RHS hacker followed Maddie into that bathroom the RHS was the Queen Of Gems it sounds exactly like her!!!!!

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  • It's 3 5 2 3 Maddie

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  • It’s 3523

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  • Matt was the RHS but he pretended to be the RHS

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  • 3523 said it Easter code Sunday game master

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  • The Game Master said you can't trust one of the person from the gmn and the person you can't trust is Rick Noah

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  • The fontina. I,m from USA.

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  • It's a wedding hellurrr Bro ima laugh so hard🤣🤣😂

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  • Mr.x gave up going by him self

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  • Rich Noah did a eyes reveal on a red hood spy

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  • Ew Zoey and Daniel (not shipped)

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  • That rhs that trapped maddie is the queen of jems

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  • Rick Noah had a star on his neck

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  • Rebecca if there was one on your back and one behind your ear that means there must be stars on your friends somewhere else if you don't be careful you could get hypnotized again so be careful Rebecca Love Jessica.

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  • In the door behind it it said 212

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  • 3523

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  • The code to get on the roof for the box is 3523

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  • Daniel

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  • This is red with Becca

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  • To think kinda show about

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